General Information


The Rides
The general rule of thumb is that we set out from our hotel as two or three groups and finish in the same groups. At no point during the ride will you be left to find your own way, unless you decide that you want to do something yourself and take full responsibility for it. This also means it is important to pick the correct group. The extended distances and epic challenges are designed for the stronger faster riders. If you are not at the same pace as this group it is impossible to expect the fast group to wait for you so please choose your group wisely.

Our groups ride together to the base of each climb and once the ascent begins you are free to ride at your own pace. You may set out to achieve a ‘personal best’ or pace yourself in order to enjoy the view; the choice is entirely yours.

It is important that you keep warm once you reach the summit, before beginning the descent. We will regroup after the descent in order to keep as warm as possible! This is different from what we do when riding in Sydney. We will discuss the proceedings at each riders’ briefing, so keep listening.

Moreover, each rider will climb the mountain at a different speed, with the same applying to the descent. With this in mind, we regroup at the base of the mountain and before beginning our return journey to the hotel.

Various sightseeing trips are on offer and are indicated throughout your itinerary. These excursions are in no way compulsory. It is for this reason we do not include sightseeing entry fees in your package.

For the same reason we don’t include entry fees, we also do not include lunches in your tour package. On some rides we will stop for lunch at cafés or restaurants and the bill is normally split. If you’re on a tight budget, please let your group know at the start that you’re just paying for what you have, so there is no confusion when the bill comes. Most places have a small charge for sitting down, so make sure you add that to your share. Please don’t always rely on the charity of your friends.

Coffee Stops and Beverages
There are plenty of opportunities for coffee stops during the rides. In Italy’s larger bars you normally order and pay, then give the receipt to the barista, who will tear the receipt and make your café. In the smaller bars you just order and pay when you’re finished. If you order at the bar, you drink your coffee at the bar. If you want to sit at a table, you wait for table service. The cost is different.

To remove the need to wash every single day we suggest you bring at least three pairs of cycling clothes. Most of our hotels offer a laundry service with the costs being charged to your room (which can get expensive). The other option is to use a laundromat in the town. Ask the hotel reception for directions and look at local maps for locations.

How Much Money Shall I Take?
Factor in approximately 10 to 20 euro for lunch. This excludes alcohol. A separate bill is run table by table for those wishing to have wine with their dinner each night.

Sightseeing fees are not included in the price of the tour, though they are generally not exorbitant.

Most banks provide a “Travel Money Card”, which is safe and convenient way to access your funds whilst traveling overseas. You can easily reload the balance online using your net bank facility and it is accepted over the counter in the same way as credit card and Eftpos. Your bank will dictate whether it is a Visa or MasterCard Travel Money Card.