Meet the Crew

Our crew all share the passion of cycling. They also share the same passion for new places to go cycling mixed with the love of food, wine and fine hotels.  The one things that binds this all together is doing it with other people who love it too.


Mark Rowling

Mark is the founder and Team Captain of the tour. With more than 20 years of traveling to and cycling in Italy, there are not many roads he has not ridden. It is a passion of his to take like-minded cyclists to new places and share the joys of riding in Italy and Europe. Back home he can often be found studying a map, coming up with new challenges to ride each year. With a background in motor sports at national level, he is an elite level rider keen to tackle the most challenging rides with a hand picked band of the fittest riders on tour.

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Kelly Rowling

Kelly has a crucial role back in Australia at "tour ground zero" making sure we are staying in the finest hotels and tailoring menus so we are always being delighted with fresh regional dishes to keep us fuelled, satiated and smiling. When on tour with us, Kelly is a great help behind the wheel of a team van, navigating the small narrow streets and back roads, making sure the riders are safe, supported and have all their gear when they need it.


Matt Hou

Matt is an integral part of the team, being our logistics man since 2012. He is normally seen in "Big Blue" passing the peloton on his way to the next location to make it ready for your arrival. When he is not making sure your luggage has arrived and your room is ready, he is guiding the troops over mountain passes, giving you the tips of where to have the best coffee, or how to find the wine bar that only the locals go to. Matt first came  on tour in 2010 and fell in love with Italy. He has become a food connoisseur, often producing a very fine gelato for friends. He also somehow manages to get some time on the bike too!



AJ Edwards

AJ is one of our ride leaders. He first came on tour in 2011 and has attended most tours since. Speaking reasonable Italian and good French, he always loved to help out, so naturally he fell into the role of ride guide before too long. Don't let his skinny legs fool you- he is a pretty strong rider, especially in the hills, and he just loves to be on the bike. He is a fantastic level-headed guide that never gets lost, has a penchant for a mid-ride coffee and cake break, and always brings the troops home grinning!!!

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Ian Jamieson

"Jamo" is one of our ride leaders. He first came on tour in 2010 and is a regular traveller both with the riding tours, and for his own adventures. A strong epicurean interest in wine, food and fine hotels meant Jamo was soon appreciated as a source of great information. Furthermore he can sometimes be seen on the bike as well! A much loved ride guide who can not only navigate to the next town but also to the next wine bar, Jamo is a great host and the go-to foodie and travel guide.